Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Kayaking trip to Kolad

The place was great, Ecomantra, located in Kolad, around 3 hrs away from Mumbai. Very beautiful location, great veg food!

Day 1 was completely wet n wild! We arrived at around 11.30 after which we kept our luggage in the cottages (really nice ones for the girls - Rose Cottage) and then were given a looooonnnnggg orientation by Ravi. Parts of it were actually interesting, he gave us facts about eco tourism, mountaineering, etc.
Crossing the river by boat is the only way to reach ecomantra, so our Jamin was parked on te other side of the road. After the orientation, river crossing was the first activity, fun, loads of splashing!!!

Then there was Kayaking, K2(two seater), K1(single seater). Awesome fun even though my shoulders ache badly coz of that now!

Almost half the crowd mastered K2 and K1 after which they tried the canoe. This is different from the Kayak since it has a round bottom, therefore much less stable. Gaurav was the first one to flip, the canoe capsized!

Night trail was intertesting but it was cut short coz we saw a poisonous snake enroute. Really cool the way it hissed and sprang towards us!

Babu and Bakul were amazing fun, Babu and Yogi sang realllyyy well so we had 2 substitutes for Seema (Our official Radio FM in The Paragliding trip in March)!!
Day 2 morning half of us were up by 6.30 and on the kayaks again! They had these surf boards on which Chandini and Yogi attacked, they were just not ready to leave it!

We continued splashing around in the river, Piyush actually wore codroy pants in the water, so Chandini made it their mission to strip him naked!!! Everyone was kayaking, surfing and playiing around in the water all the while.

Hunger was the only thing that made us get out of the water, and after a really tasty lunch, we had snakes awaiting us!!
The cobra, pit viper and of course the massive python! They actually wrapped the entire python around me!!! That felt sooooooo eueeeeeee!!!!!

Above all, the place, the activities and our group was great!!! There were one or two ppl shy and silent most of the journey but I saw them interacting with others at the end of the journey.

We did not go Rafting, because they did not release the dam water, but it will definitely happen in the monsoons, they say. So I will go again during June or July. The river is pretty intense then - level 5 river rafting!

I'm waiting!!!


Lucid Illusions said...

wow, kayaking .... one of my dreams along with rafting .... maybe I should go for rowing classes in one of our lakes here ....

right now trying to swim across a small pool decently .. :o)

Dii said...

LOL!All the best!
P.S: You dont really need rowing classes, people catch up real quick!

lone said...

I need some information on kayaking at ecomantra

do these guys teach professional kayaking or is it just one of the fun kinda trip

i couldnt gather much from their website