Monday, 30 April 2012

Travel More

Are you a checklist traveller or an experience traveller? The first question posed by my morning paper. Without a doubt, being the exotic places seeking, pillow loving, long story book liking lazy daisy I am, me being an experiential traveller seemed more like it.

Besides, the sound of a ‘checklist’ traveller seems like a lot of work(be  forewarned, pillow loving person talking)  

Entering the maze of cabinets, I begin sifting..sifting through memories of all my travels. 
In Paris, rambling along the Champ Elysee, reaching the Louvre but not necessarily entering it, sitting by the lawns, rosé in hand, appreciating a beautiful watercolour painting unfold in my midst..
Come to think of it, a similar memory back home, in Mumbai, sitting by cafe by the sea, watching as another beautiful painting takes form. Both memories were neatly stored in the same cabinet, top drawer, file number 1a and b.

 Both experiences gathered from a different time and place.
So don’t go to Paris you ask? Nahi nahi! The Holidaywalas will go out of business!

It’s a contemplative attempt to understand the romance; or rather the enlightenment; experiential enlightenment of travel.  

Each experience makes me free to explore my own land.

Rather myself.

Each travel experience taught me that people are all essentially, fundamentally the same.

So by going to Paris, crossing off every famous monument from your check list, heading back triumphantly to tell your colleagues of your touch and go tour, what I ask have you experienced?

I ask this the pillow lover talking or the experiential traveller?

You’d rather not say! Let’s just say: 
Travel where your feet take you.

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