Sunday, 8 July 2012

Will Travel for Food

Lush hills of Ooty greet me as I switched on the telly this bright birthday morning. I was surprised to see the cocktail sipping, celebrity socialite byteing Aneesha Beig surrounded by Ooty’s lush greens.

NDTV’s ‘Will Travel for Food’ was a lovely way to begin my Sunday morning; following a sumptuous trail through sludgy fudges and nutty chocolates and through tea plantations sipping hot coffee. 

I enjoyed catching up with Aneesha chatting up with celebs as they let their hair down at after hour parties. But this was a refreshing change as a comeback from her entertainment beat days. Food Travel is by all means the cherry on the cake of travel reportage and she creates a pretty picture of it.

While one is amazed by her capacity to demolish a five foot long dosa, her quirky humour and matter of fact analysis is as refreshing as the hills of this episode.

Ooty by itself is a simple maiden with all her sweet rose gardens and chocolates beckoning you. Also since it is one of those places you remember from a childhood holiday, it holds a special place in my heart.
A special place in my heart and a special taste on our palette, I couldn't put it any better than Aneesha’s words: This is it-isn’t it!  

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