Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A Drive Across North Goa

The weather seems just about right for a post on road trips.

And what better than those smooth winding roads of Goa, peppered with coconut groves and rice paddy lush with the freshness of monsoons. Here's a photo essay of one such road trip I did with my besties Reddy and Shankar on one of my many exploratory trips to Goa.

North Goa is not just about Panjim, Baga or Anjuna. While scanning through a map of Goa, my eyes followed the little specs of beaches along its northern border. Cruising beyond the reaches of Calangute across the crowds of Vagator, brushing past the daze that is Morjim, finally slowing down at the quiet expanse of Querim and landing on the northern most tip of Goa at Tiracol.

Tiracol Fort is located at the mouth of the Tiracol river just a short ferry ride away from Querim beach. We drove down from Anjuna, which was approximately an hour's drive away.  
A little cafe and a gorgeous view of the beach from the fort 
Shankar enjoying the view Querim Beach from the fort 
Its beautiful the way they have restored the fort and converted it into a heritage hotel

Maintaining the classic charm of the fort, the rooms are a pleasure to live in
A classic Goan style church sits snug in the centre of the expanse that is Terecol 
It was interesting to see the class with which a fort was converted into a heritage hotel, ideally perfect for such a purpose. The rooms (I was not allowed to take pictures else would have shared them here) were astonishingly gorgeous and perfect for a honeymoon get away.

But having said that it would have been so much nicer had they created a space open for the public, albeit charging a certain sum of money. To know that only a privileged few could access its beautifully resorted spaces is quite a pity.

Also I would have liked to know the story of the fort through its walls, I am sure it witnessed and withstood many a rulers, many a celebrations and probably battles and massacres. What I missed here was hearing about its true story. 

And earlier this year when I visited Reis Magos Fort on a trip organised by Tourism of Goa, I was so happy to see a beautifully restored fort and open spaces for the general public to lounge around. It also has a retrospective about Mario Miranda. More about that in another post.

 (l-r) Shankar, Reddy, DJ 
None the less, I enjoyed a yummy caramel pudding, (not without my two friends here stealing most of it!) and that fab view of Querim beach at the cafe for visiting guests.

Now savouring the taste of the pudding and that oh so potent sea breeze... until the next road trip :)

If you have the moolah, want to go beyond the five star hotels and need a space to stay far far away from all the tourist clutter, I'd suggest you check in to Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel. I know I would!

Here's a way to reach them:
t: +91(0) 2366227631
w: www.nilaya.com/tiracol  

(Note: This was a self sponsored trip. Shankar and Reddy are my partners in crime for every trip to Goa; a lot because they are my drivers for most of these trips. And now that I drive, they are a little intimidated for the next one :D)  

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