Thursday, 9 July 2015

Jet Airways New One Stop Travel Shop And More

I bought myself a range of things on the 8th of July - my birthday. What things you might ask? Well, tickets of course! And the best part Jet Airways announced an up to 50% off on 7th night; it was a sign.

What's New
On a recent work meeting, I was introduced to the new Jet Airways site and had a long conversation with the minds behind the revamp. Conversation revolved around travels yes - the best part! But also about how much easier the Jet Airways team is making it to book not just tickets, but everything from taxi rentals, self drive vehicles, booking insurance, personalising my holiday, to gifting a holiday to friend (yes, I do that!). Going way beyond just airways, this is a fascinating travel convergence model I am keen to track. 

While browsing through the site (after booking tickets to three destinations!) I realised how seamless the experience is. The site is neat and responsive on my phone and laptop, With a few clicks I was already through with booking confirmation email and smses safely in my inbox. 

The new site's nav bars are friendly for us mango people, and I was told by the team it is also easy to access for differently abled flyers. And the best part - I could choose my seat while booking my tickets, with no extra charge!

Awesome for SMEs
Did you know about Jet Airways Global Linker Initiative? With so many start-ups and small scale enterprises in my network, I was excited to learn. I have always believed in the power of synergies for brands in parallel industries and Belson Coutinho, Vice President - Marketing, Ecommerce and Innovations shared details of this initiative with me. You can not only access deals and offers that up until now were available only for larger corporations, but you can also be a part of the community. This gives you access to other start-ups in the network for valuable synergistic opportunities. Now this is damn good stuff. Did you know about it or have accessed this? If yes, tell me what you think.   

I am excited about this
What I am really looking forward to see is at the tech savvy Bangalore and Hyderabad airports they have set up systems such that you can check in with a Mobile Boarding Pass - your booking details on you phone and need not carry a print out - not even for security check-in or at the gates. 

With all this going on, keeping in line with their tagline I sure feel it is #DesignedToDelight. Now what I want is for the app to be as seamless as the site, I did notice it hanging a few times while test booking; but I am sure that will be addressed soon too. At a time when airlines are bundling services, so as to increase their profit margins, it is nice to see a company thinking of the customer. Being able to book tickets within just a few clicks and being allowed to choose my seat while I am at it - these are sure winners for me!

Go check out the site and tell me what you think. The team at Jet Airways is genuinely open to feedback so if you have thoughts about what you want from them, tell me what you think, I will make sure to     

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