Monday, 7 September 2015

The Audio Compass Story

Imagine you are new to a city, are confused about how best to explore it. You might have seen a lot of images, videos before you got there. But at the site, on the streets there is no where for you to know where to head. Enter Audio Compass, a travel tech start up that solves this problem. Read on for their story.

Audio Compass is a travel tech start-up that develops audio guides and multi-media based travel guides. After releasing apps for the official tour of The Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Khajurao they also launched an app about the history of South Mumbai earlier this year. 

“We wanted to change how people travel in India, the last mile is very challenging. For example the official price for a guide at the Taj Mahal charges Rs. 950. They share average information, guide us through the sights at their pace with no real unique story only to end up at a carpet shop. I felt powerless as an independent traveller and I wanted to put the power back in my hands,” shares founder and CEO Gautam Shewakramani.

The Mumbai guide currently comprises of colonial buildings, architecture and stories from the days of the British Raj. Heritage structures, the changing geography of South Mumbai and their history are narrated in an engaging monologue. All a traveller need do is download the app in a wifi zone and reach the start point of the tour.

"Once downloaded it sustains without being connected to the web and you are free to explore the city."   

It is those unique stories that hold true significance while travelling to a specific destination. Agreeing with this point, digital storyteller Ramya Pandyan says, “There are so many stories about city’s and places sitting in books and people’s heads and Audio Compass brings those out for travellers to listen to. It is nice to hear a little voice in my ear instead of having to browse through a guide book. Moreover the stories they share in the audio guides add to the experience of exploring a place.”

See that's the reason why I like the idea of audio guides while travelling. There is so much of a video and picture overload on the web now a days that having an audio guide with unique stories to share as a companion on my travels around the world will be quite a novel experience. Now, what if these audio guides are customized to the profile of a traveller? Would'd that add a unique edge to the concept of travel audio guides itself? Tell me what you think about it. I would love to hear your thoughts or experience with other audio guides you have experienced on your travels.  

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