Saturday, 4 August 2007

An Evening in Paris

‘Paris is the Paris of Parisians’ Thats how Lonely Planet describes Paris and I think that’s the best introduction anyone can give while describing Paris. They are not only proud of their language, culture, architecture but also celebrate their creative spirit in everything they do.

Though I must admit that I was a little put off by the attitude of the people. But what I mistook as attitude was just a sense of pride they have even in the smallest of things. For instance, while I was sending a postcard home at The Louvre, the ink from my gel pen refused to dry on the post card, so I asked the man at the counter for his. He was almost dismayed and said, every Frenchman carries his pen, you must carry a pen with you where ever you go! I tried explaining that I had one, but to no avail! It felt crazy at first but then I understood the passion behind the thought..

So that was that.

Yes, I definitely did all the touristy things, up the Eiffel Tower, The beautiful Sacre Coeur Church, the Arc de Triomphe and the Notre Dame Cathedral. All beautiful, awe inspiring masterpieces.

The cruise down the river Sane was soooo romantic, ohh!! (the only thing that probably brought me back to reality was when I heard a big clan of gujjus pass by!)

Last but never the least, how I could go to Paris and not go for the Moulin Rouge! A little scandalising ofcourse, but if you look beyond the exposure, the elaborate costumes, song and dance shows as well as the juggling fillers were beautiful! charmed!

All in all, I guess what I liked doing best in Paris, literally is what the Parisians do – sit by a street side cafĂ©, nursing my Rosette wine and simply watch the beautiful day go by...

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