Saturday, 4 August 2007

The French Riveria

Nice is a place for beach bums and starcrazy folks. Its sun drenched coast, art museums, local markets or chic shops and amazing scenery will make you want more.

It is the perfect base from were you can take an hour long train ride to get to Tinsel town in Cannes and Monacco. Apparently, if you are not a French citizen and want to buy property in Monacco, you have to give the French government 1million dollars after which they will decided whether or not to give you the property. Here’s the catch, if they decide against giving it to you, you lose the entire 1 million amount!

Madonna and Michel Jackson tried! They can afford to lose a million!

After this, we basically spent our time walking on the wide promenade des Anglias fronts the bay. Split by islands of palms and flowers, it stretches from about 6.5km. All along the beachfront, there are rows of grand cafes, the Musee Massena, villas, hotels and chic boutiques.

If you are a beach bum, check out the free sections of public beach alternate with 15 private beaches, for which you have to pay. There are outdoor showers on every beach, and indoor showers and toilets opposite 50 promenade des Anglais. But be prepared for the infamous pebbles on the beach. We bought some straw mats (for 4.50 euros) which proved really helpful at the beach.

Shopping in Nice runs the gamut from chic designer boutiques to bustling flea and flower markets. You can also expect great bargains in January and June. I bought a cute pair of tie up shoes for just 10 euro (that’s just Rs.540! Would not get a pair for that much even on Linking Road!!)

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