Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Travel to Rogue Countries

"Tony Wheeler, the co-founder of the popular Lonely Planet travel guides who recently published a book on his travels to nine rogue nations he labelled 'bad lands' told the trend reflects travellers growing desire to visit places few others have been to before."
Thus went a quote in an article I read recently in the TOI. It is quite topical and interesting considering the amount of trouble most such countries are in right now thus generating constant news footage and therefore getting a lot of free visual space on Prime Time news.

It affected me for sure, i.e, I bagged a four day Taj package to Sir Lanka a while back and I said, why not? My Experiences on a trip to Sri Lanka and the beauty I witnessed, even though the bomb blast just minutes before we arrived was a little unnerving. Nevertheless, the country caught my curiosity.
So the moment I read in the papers that Prabhakaran's HQ has been captured by Sri Lankan commandos, it seemed like a crazy buy apt idea to head back there.

That's the kind of trip that really brings the zing in travel! Just a thought.

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