Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Dying for a Road Trip

So the thing is, I am almost done with my course, the PGDM in Mass Com, and the first obvious thing that comes to my mind is - I have to go, some where any where, my favourite pace in the word may be - Leh, or a road trip down south may be - right up to the tip - Kanyakumari!

That feeling you get as you step into the Rajdhani knowing its your first step to reach the crisp chill in the hills..

Packing your brand new Woodlands for the trek up north and comfortable in the security of their 'I will never fail you' message.

Wow, I miss taking off! After two years of studying(ok, I admit lots of lukhagiri too)everyone's worried about placements, a good paypackage, etc. etc. But I just wanna go. Continue my travels, photograph, write, and travel some more..

Any Godfather out there willing to sponsor this child's dream?



Neeraj said...


Sorry this is totally off topic but I figured you wouldnt be looking up your NIM post again soon. I have some queries regarding NIM and the courses they offer.

The website does not mention schedules of courses. Can you tell me about that? Also, given that it is first come first serve, how much time prior to beginning of the course should I apply?

Also, generally speaking, what have you gained from your course?

Hope you reply.

Dii said...

Hey Neeraj, appologies for not replying to your post earlier, no excuses.
To answer your queries, NIM has essentially two styles of courses designed - one is the 30 day basic mountaineering course designed to teach you all the stuff I've mentioned in the post, everything from treking, rock climbing, rappleing, glacier walk, etc. etc. They give you all the gear for it. This couse starts some time in May for which you must submit your form the year before in Oct/Nov, thats what I had done.
The second style is a 15 day adventure trip, I havent gone for it but its sad its more of a fun thing as compared to the one mentioned earlier.

About the 30 day thing, I found it extremely tough, no amount of training you do for it from homw ill be sufficient to face what you will have to face there. I had a tough time mainly because I was not perfect fit then. For me, it was like a V shapend graph, the first half of the course being very tough and difficult but the second half, once I built up some courage and stamina, things started getting better. My group mates were a great help and it seems impossible to have completed it without their help.
I can say it in one sentence- when the course started off, we were some 90 students and at the end of it 79 of us graduated(they give you a silver ice axe broach on your graduation day). Quite a few students left mid way, either coz they couldnt take it, or they dint expect it to be tough, etc.
But if your focus is purely to learn mountaineering, you had a passion and you really want to do it, am sure you'll get through.

This was my experience, but you may sail through very smoothly, it all depends on your stamina and will.