Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Roads oft Travelled

Trying to get myself to sleep last night, I got this random thought (one of the zillion, I'am sure you’ll agree) – A thought that life seems like a series of roads – roads we travel by to the destinations we have to reach.

Let me explain.
Starting from base camp – Mumbai.
Mumbai’s pot holed roads. Tell me, sometimes doesn’t life get way too bumpy, so bumpy that your eyes stray into the rare view mirror and say, “Hey, this has to be Mumbai??”

Or talk about some stomach lurching bends – everything’s going awesome, your friends are back, great job, a promise of something lovely and then – a steep hairpin bend – am back to the roads of Ladakh!

A synonym, a metaphor, but life sure seems like the roads we travel by...

Happiness..pure bliss – like the Mumbai-Pune express way! A new beginning in a relationship or friendship – like the mystery of an undefined forest trail, a dirt track – like the first question to a terrible exam paper... you see the metaphor emerge!

They indeed are, Roads oft Travelled..

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