Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Goan Rain

My third trip but a first during the monsoons. For a water baby like me, it was just..Heaven!

Wet green blades of the coconut trees, vision
The hum of the sea, sound
The fresh whiff of the earth, smell
Drops of pure rain melting on my skin, touch
The welcoming tang of the imli sweets... taste

Ohhh... A brutal attack to all the five senses! A mere photograph will not give you the same feel.
Just imagine it.

There for just two days, camping in the quiet of the South, the Goa I remember during the film festival (IFFI) is a different world.

Women working in fours in the brimming rice fields, not a soul disturbing the wild wild sea...so different from the touristy Goa we all see.

That’s the pleasure of travel, going to the same place, three times over, but discovering a completely different world each time...

A gift, I’ll treasure in all my travels.

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Neeraj said...

Goa is absolutely awesome isnt it? Th beaches of Goa are kind of like the malls of the cities-visited too often by too many people. I do like the forts of Goa though. They are in a world of their own.