Saturday, 16 November 2013

5 Ways to Become a Travel Blogger

Did you read my posts and go, “Hey, I 'd like to be a travel blogger too!” Now that thought dear reader is your sign. I cannot begin to describe what happy pleasures, memories, responses I have relived through my blog. All it takes is a blank book or screen and a pen or a keyboard in my hands. Here are 5 things I think will help you kick-start your own blog.

1. Start, what are you waiting for!
Be it a photo blog or a written account of your travels across the globe, start. You may think you’ve not travelled enough, or photographed enough during your trips. Think again. Bring out those old albums and hard drives and browse through your memories gone by. You will get realise how awesome you were and how much more you can do.

2. Plan, make a to do list
Yes, you must be a list maker! Be it with college friends on a road trip, that annoying family holiday or on your frequent work trips, make a list of all the destinations you have travelled to. You will be surprised with the ideas you come up with. Catalogue them and jot down your route, memories, especial encounters and tips that other travellers can use.

3. Reach Out
No everyone is a tech geek. If you are fairly active on the digital medium, you can set up a blog through blogger, it is the simplest blogging platform I have come across. The tech savvy guys might already be familiar with the magic of wordpress and plugins. For photo blogging tumblr is one of the best platforms.  Try your hands at understanding the platform you choose, spend some time understanding your readers - do they prefer reading stories, interviews, a short ‘5 things to do’ list? Design your travel content accordingly.

4. Share
Create your content and share it with your social network.  Spread the word about your new blog on to various offline and online platforms so that your friends, family and professional network can give you feedback, share it with their friends and get you more visibility.

5. Be consistent
Once a reader has discovered you and liked your travel blog, they want to hear from you at regular intervals. So schedule the matter you have planned in such a way that it keeps your readers engaged without spamming their inbox.

That’s a crisp Phase 1 brief to an awesome journey through travel blogging. Do share with me what you’d like to add to these tips.

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