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Travelling Through Ireland

"You did not look real to me at first, I never saw so many colours on one girl before. But you looked like you belonged out there all right. You and all your colours! Do you remember the first thing you ever said to me? 'I’am lost.' Oh you didn’t look lost, not to me." - Gerry
From the Film P.S.I Love You

Cecelia, I love you so for introducing me to your gorgeous country – Ireland. My first tête-à-tête with Ireland was through this film, revolving around Dublin’s city-scapes and countryside of Kilkenny and Wicklow Mountains National Park.

In all my colours
The movie is an adaptation of one of author Cecelia Ahern’s many dreamy romantic bestsellers but what’s unique about her stories is that they all exude the fragrance of her country; her characters seamlessly telling the story of Ireland through their personal journeys, that’s what drew me to her stories. Her descriptions of Ireland, her lucid imagery of Dublin, the Vikings Tour bus, passing by Trinity college, walking around in the vast wilderness of Wicklow National Park, lost not knowing where to head...

Of course there’s Gerard Butler too to blame!
Yes, I was smitten by Cecelia’s romance with Ireland and I wanted to feel the magic too. Needless to say what I experienced naturally was quite different.

Art pieces for sale, Abbey Road 

I choose to spend most of my days in Ireland based out of Dublin city centre due to sheer lack of time and logistics.  Also there are quite a few day trips from the city to the country side which are easily explored by coach. A group of four of us decided to hitch a cab and we were delighted to hear him sing an Irish song for us just as we started off towards our hostel!  
Irish Beer

The city has a range of accommodation options, I chose the area of Temple Bar - Prepare to be thrilled or scandalised! This part of Dublin city is bursting with colour, music, performances, Bachelorette parties and keg full’s of Guinness while listing to local Irish music in a pub!  A big advantage of staying at Temple Bar is -knowing where all the parties are! The quickest way to get around the city is by the Hop-on Hop off tour buses, we spent two days exploring Trinity college, Abbey Street, Temple Bar, Guinness factory and walking along the river Liffy. 
Most nights when we got back from exploring the city, our dorm rooms were empty seeing as everyone was at a party! Yes, we made the most of that information on our last few days there. (That's all I’am going to reveal!)
Wicklow and Kilkenny
The idea of marking an expanse of nature into a national park, let to freely grow gorgeous and wild, changing colours with the changing seasons.. It is truly a sight to behold.  I would have preferred walking through the national park but with moody weather and rains, we were forced to drive through it with few pit stops along the way. That’s what brings out the reality of travel sometimes; you may arrive with the idea to explore a destination but may end up spending more time exploring another, in my case Kilkenny.
We decided to head to Kilkenny and explore its quaint charms seeing as it is the smallest city with a charm of the countryside.  On a beautiful sunny afternoon with a cool wind in the air we walked along the streets of Kilkenny, exploring the marble castle, enjoying a pint with locals and window shopping at the many colourful stores in the city centre. This was all about taking in the vibe of a place, relaxing and enjoying. I mean you can rush around to tick off more destinations off your list of things to do and see or you can stay back for a little while longer and make memories! So thats just what I did.

For those of you with more time on your hands:
Explore the Medieval city:
Check out the Mountains and Hills:
Tour of the 7 Wonders:

I hope to head back there someday, amble around the wide expanses of Wicklow Mountains,   

I’d like to end with a quote from the film -
‘Just create something new and there it is, it’s you, out in the world outside of you and you can look at it, hear it, read it or feel it and you’ll know a little more about you! A little bit more and anybody else does!’
For me it’s this – my travel blog. Have you found what it is for you?

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