Wednesday, 31 December 2014

From Travel to Fitness - My Travels in the Outdoors Continue

I started this blog back in 2007 when my romance with travel and writing was just about taking off. Since then I have met some of the most beautiful people, heard the most magical stories and experienced living - no better way to do that than travel.

Travelling also introduced me to the outdoors; I mean apart from the leisure travel to the city, countryside of a place; travelling to the forests, the meadows, the raging rivers.. I saw myself being drawn more to the elements - to the outdoors. 

Hiking has been a vital part of my passion for the outdoors since childhood but my new found love for fitness in the outdoors has taken me to another level of experiencing the outdoors. Now, it is not a sedentary jeep safari but a running trail in the forest. Not just a joy ride on a rafting trip but swimming through the currents in a crisp, cold river. And also connecting and learning from people who are in the pursuit of this - being outdoorsy.

So from here on, you will see me more on a new project I am working on. I like to call it Let's Be Outdoorsy. I hope to make it  platform for everyone who shares this passion for being fit in the outdoors. 

So how about that? How about going for a run, a swim or head out for a spin? Let's get fit the outdoorsy way - lets be Outdoorsy!

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