Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Himalayan Club Brings Banff Film Festival to Mumbai

Earlier this year The Himalayan Club, Mumbai screened a series of short films selected at the Banff Mountain Film Festival. I have been attending this festival each year and am amazed by the things people do for the sheer pleasure of adventure. Heading out in to the unknown, with their basic amenities and pots and pans, just watching their lives through the screen  - the spirit of adventure is contagious. Here are some of the short films that were screened this year.  
Down the Line
 The only way through some of the world's most magical canyons and waterfalls is - down. A warning for all water babies, this can get addictive.
Into The Mind, Sherpa Cinemas
This winter sport of skiing showcased in what is one of its most breathtaking, graceful forms. The cinematography makes it seem so easy, so fluid, like a dance. Inspiring, I'd take it up in a jiffy.
North of the Sun
 Two Norwegians, their surfboards, an arctic island and a dream. The element of adventure while watching this film jumps out of the screen and seeps right through you. And if that was not enough, the two youngsters clean up tons of plastic and debris while surfing through this crazy winter adventure. I sure was hooked.
Poor Man's Heli
With a dream to explore the Belledonne Mountains, a man gets his friends and takes off on a paragliding adventure. 
The Questions We Ask
Bruce Kirkby, Canadian adventurer questions the true meaning of adventure while on an inflatable sand up paddle board. Quite impressive that is, considering i'd contemplate mainly on managing to stay on that board and not fall off!  

The Himalayan Club conducts regular talks by prominent international mountaineers and adventure enthusiasts apart from this yearly film screening. You can head to The Himalayan Club Facebook Group to be kept in the loop of upcoming events.    
(All photos courtesy Banff Films and The Himalayan Mountaineering Club.)

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